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0-90800-1 Hoja de datos - Tyco Electronics

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0-90800-1 Power4Net Hybrid Connector for Industrial Automation Macom
Tyco Electronics Macom
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Hybrid Connectivity
Power4Net Hybrid Connector for Industrial Automation

TE Connectivity’s (TE) Power4Net hybrid connector with 8 power and 4 signal contacts has been designed for machine automation applications that require a higher performance data connection and power of up to 10 A. The connector provides highly reliable connection technology and meets the demanding durability and quality requirements of real-time Ethernet applications in industrial automation. Combining power supply and signal into one single connector provides customers with greater flexibility in machine architecture. With VARAN-bus standard compatibility, the connector supports, for example, fast change over times of molds in molding machines, and simplified cabling reduces installation time by up to 50%.

• Hybrid design, combining power and data communication
• Housing with 8 power contacts and fast Ethernet interface
• Optional housing with 11 + PE (Protection Earth) contacts
• Wire-to-board, wire-to-panel and wire-to-wire designs
• Extremely robust contact design for longer durability with stainless steel locking lance and multiple contact points
• Gold, silver and tin plated contacts for industrial automation requirements
• Radial sealing elements provide IP67 sealing performance
• Hydraulic oil-resistant plastic enclosures or EMC protected metal enclosures
• Bulkhead, connector and wire to-wire connectors in 90° and 180° designs
• Turning catch-lock ensures safe locking even in high shock and vibration applications

• High-performance process control systems applications
• Machine automation applications
• Factory automation systems
• Control valves and control units
• Stand-alone or remote power units
• Railway systems and outdoor transportation control systems



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