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22051AKHC Multistandard Digital Video Decoder Three-Line Adaptive Comb Decoder Family, 8 & 10 bit Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild
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The TMC22x5yA family of Digital Video Decoders offers unprecedented, broadcast-quality video processing performance in a single chip. It accepts line-locked or subcarrier locked composite, YC, or D1 digital video and produces digital components in a variety of formats.
An internal three-line adaptive comb decoder structure produces optimal picture quality with a wide range of source material. NTSC/PAL field and NTSC frame based decoding is supported with external memory. Full comb programmability allows the user to tailor the decoder’s response to a particular systems goals.
A family of products offers 3-line, 2-line, and simple decoders in 8-bit and 10-bit versions—all in a pin and software compatible format. Serial and parallel control ports are provided. These submicron CMOS devices are packaged in a 100-lead Metric Quad Flat Pack (MQFP).

• Very high performance, low cost
• Adaptive comb-based decoding
• Multiple pin-compatible versions
   - 3-line, 2-line, and band-split
   - 8- and 10-bit processing
• Internal digital linestores
• Supports NTSC/PAL field and NTSC frame based decoding
• Multiple input formats
   - CCIR-601/624 (D1), D2, CVBS, YC
• Multiple output formats
   - CCIR-601/624 (D1), RGB, YCBCR
• 10-18 Mpps data rate
• Parallel and serial control interface
• Single +5V power supply

• Studio television equipment
• Personal computer video input
• MPEG and JPEG compression inputs

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