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Texas Instruments TI
6N135 Datasheet PDF : 6N135 pdf   
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These high-speed optocouplers are designed for use in analog or digital interface applications that require high-voltage isolation between the input and output. Applications include line receivers that require high common-mode transient immunity, and analog or logic circuits that require input-to-output electrical isolation.
The 6N135, 6N136, and HCPL4502 optocouplers each consists of a light-emitting diode and an integrated photon detector composed of a photodiode and an open-collector output transistor. Separate connections are provided for the photodiode bias and the transistor-collector output. This feature, which reduces the transistor base-to-collector capacitance, results in speeds up to one hundred times that of a conventional phototransistor optocoupler.

● Compatible with TTL Inputs
● High-Speed Switching . . . 1 Mbit/s Typ
● Bandwidth . . . 2 MHz Typ
● High Common-Mode Transient
   Immunity . . . 1000 V/µs Typ
● High-Voltage Electrical
   Insulation . . . 3000 Vdc Min
● Open-Collector Output
● UL Recognized . . . File Number 65085

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