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ADG1311YRUZ Datasheet PDF : ADG1311YRUZ pdf     
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The ADG1311/ADG1312/ADG1313 are monolithic CMOS devices containing four independently selectable switches designed on a CMOS process.
The ADG1311/ADG1312/ADG1313 contain four independent single-pole/single-throw (SPST) switches. The ADG1311 and ADG1312 differ only in that the digital control logic is inverted. The ADG1311 switches are turned on with Logic 0 on the appropriate control input, while Logic 1 is required for the ADG1312. The ADG1313 has two switches with digital control logic similar to the ADG1311; the logic is inverted on the other two switches. The ADG1313 exhibits break-before-make switching action for use in multiplexer applications.

   33 V supply range
   Fully specified at +12 V, ±15 V
   130 Ω on resistance
   No VL supply required
   3 V logic-compatible inputs
   Rail-to-rail operation
   16-lead TSSOP and 16-lead SOIC
   Typical power consumption: <0.03 μW

   Signal switching
   Battery-powered systems
   Communication systems
   Audio/video signal routing


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