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ADV7312 Datasheet PDF : ADV7312 pdf     
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The ADV®7312 is a high speed, digital-to-analog encoder on a single monolithic chip. It includes six high speed video D/A converters with TTL compatible inputs.
The ADV7312 has separate 8-, 16-bit input ports that accept data in high definition and/or standard definition video format. For all standards, external horizontal, vertical, and blanking signals or EAV/SAV timing codes control the insertion of appropriate synchronization signals into the digital data stream and therefore the output signal.

   Simultaneous SD and HD Inputs and Outputs
   Programmable DAC Gain Control
   Sync Outputs in All Modes
   On-Board Voltage Reference
   Six 11-Bit Precision Video DACs
   2-Wire Serial I2C® Interface
   Dual I/O Supply 2.5 V/3.3 V Operation
   Analog and Digital Supply 2.5 V
   On-Board PLL
   64-Lead LQFP Package
   Lead (Pb) Free Product

   Enhanced Versatile Disk (EVD) Players
   SD/PS DVD Recorders/Players
   SD/Prog Scan/HDTV Display Devices
   SD/HDTV Set Top Boxes


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