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AMC7110 Datasheet PDF : AMC7110 pdf     
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The AMC7110 series is member of ADDM North Star White/Blue LED driver family. No external component is required. Especially good for use Li-ion battery powered LCD display’s backlight white LEDs. The special circuit design provides over 90% efficiency in low noise. 

■ LED sink current 20mA and 15mA 
■ Individual current sink circuit for all LEDs outputs to prevent short / open circuit on LEDs.
■ PTC LED current for luminosity compensation.
■ 3 channels (SOT-26), 4 channels (MSOP-8) available.
■ 90% efficiency
■ Supply voltage range 2.7V ~ 6V
■ 0.1uA standby current
■ 2KV HBM ESD protection
■ Advanced Bi-CMOS process.

■ Small Size Color LCD Backlights
■ Mobile Phone, Smart Phone Keypad Backlights


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