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CDS-1401 Hoja de datos - DATEL Data Acquisition products

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CDS-1401 14-Bit, Fast-Settling Correlated Double Sampling Circuit Datel
DATEL Data Acquisition products  Datel
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The CDS-1401 is an application-specif c, correlated double sampling (CDS) circuit designed for electronic-imaging applications that employ CCD’s (charge coupled devices) as their photodetector. The CDS-1401 has been optimized for use in digital video applications that employ 10 to 14-bit A/D converters. The low-noise CDS-1401 can accurately determine each pixel’s true video signal level by sequentially sampling the pixel’s offset signal and its video signal and subtracting the two. The result is that the consequences of residual charge, charge injection and low-frequency “kTC” noise on the CCD’s output fl oating capacitor are effectively eliminated. The CDS-1401 can also be used as a dual sample-hold amplif er in a data acquisition system.

■ Use with 10 to 14-bit A/D converters
■ 1.25 Megapixels/second minimum throughput (14 bits)
■ ±10V input/output ranges, Gain = –1
■ Low noise, 200μVrms
■ Two independent S/H amplif ers
■ Gain matching between S/Hs
■ Offset adjustments for each S/H
■ Four external A/D control lines
■ Small package, 24-pin ceramic DDIP
■ Low power, 700mW
■ Low cost


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