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CY54FCT240TQSOP Hoja de datos - Texas Instruments

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CY54FCT240TQSOP 8-Bit Buffers/Line Drivers TI
Texas Instruments TI
CY54FCT240TQSOP Datasheet PDF : CY54FCT240TQSOP pdf   
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Functional Description
The FCT240T and FCT244T are octal buffers and line drivers designed to be employed as memory address drivers, clock drivers, and bus-oriented transmitters/receivers. The devices provide speed and drive capabilities equivalent to their fastest bipolar logic counterparts while reducing power consumption. The input and output voltage levels allow direct interface with TTL, NMOS, and CMOS devices without external components.
• Function, pinout, and drive compatible with FCT and
    F logic
• FCT-D speed at 3.6 ns max. (Com’l FCT244 only),
    FCT-C speed at 4.1 ns max. (Com’l),
    FCT-A speed at 4.8 ns max. (Com’l)
• Reduced VOH (typically = 3.3V) versions of equivalent
    FCT functions
• Edge-rate control circuitry for significantly improved
    noise characteristics
• Power-off disable feature
• ESD > 2000V
• Matched rise and fall times
• Fully compatible with TTL input and output logic levels
• Extended commercial range of −40˚C to +85˚C
• Sink current 64 mA (Com’l), 48 mA (Mil)
    Source current 32 mA (Com’l), 12 mA (Mil)

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