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Número de piezaDescripción (Función)Fabricante
HM62W16258BLTTI-7 4 M SRAM (256-kword × 16-bit) Renesas
Renesas Electronics Renesas
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HM62W16258BLTTI-7 Ficha de datos PDF : HM62W16258BLTTI-7 pdf   
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The Hitachi HM62W16258BI Series is 4-Mbit static RAM organized 262,144-word × 16-bit. HM62W16258BI Series has realized higher density, higher performance and low power consumption by employing Hi-CMOS process technology. It offers low power standby power dissipation; therefore, it is suitable for battery backup systems. It is packaged in standard 44-pin plastic TSOPII.

• Single 3.3 V supply: 3.3 V ± 0.3 V
• Fast access time: 70 ns (max)
• Power dissipation:
    - Active: 9.9 mW (typ)
    - Standby: 3.3 µW (typ)
• Completely static memory.
    - No clock or timing strobe required
• Equal access and cycle times
• Common data input and output.
    - Three state output
• Battery backup operation.
• Temperature range: –40 to 85°C


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