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ICS9148F-26 Hoja de datos - Integrated Circuit Systems

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ICS9148F-26 Frequency Generator & Integrated Buffers for PENTIUM/Pro? ICST
Integrated Circuit Systems ICST
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ICS9148F-26 Ficha de datos PDF : ICS9148F-26 pdf   
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General Description
The ICS9148-26 generates all clocks required for high speed RISC or CISC microprocessor systems such as Intel PentiumPro or Cyrix. Eight different reference frequency multiplying factors are externally selectable with smooth frequency transitions.

• 3.3V outputs: SDRAM, PCI, REF, 48/24MHz
• 2.5V outputs: CPU, IOAPIC
• 20 ohm CPU clock output impedance
• 20 ohm PCI clock output impedance
• Skew from CPU (earlier) to PCI clock - 1 to 4 ns, center 2.2 ns.
• No external load cap for CL=18pF crystals
• –250 ps CPU, PCI clock skew
• 250ps (cycle to cycle) CPU jitter @ 66.66MHz
• Smooth frequency switch, with selections from 50 to 133 MHz CPU.
• I2C interface for programming
• 2ms power up clock stable time
• Clock duty cycle 45-55%.
• 48 pin 300 mil SSOP package
• 3.3V operation, 5V tolerant inputs (with series R)
• <6ns propagation delay SDRAM form Buffer Input


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