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Número de piezaDescripción (Función)Fabricante
ILA1062AD No description available IKSEMICON
IK Semicon Co., Ltd IKSEMICON
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The ILA1062 and ILA1062A are integrated circuits that perform all speech and line interface functions required in fully electronic telephone sets. They perform electronic switching between dialing and speech. The ICs operates at line voltage down to 1.6 V DC (with reduced performance) to facilitate the use of more telephone sets connected in parallel. All statements and values refer to all versions unless otherwise specified. The ILA1062 (ILA1062A) is packaged in a standard 16-pin plastic DIP and special plastic DIP with internal heatsink is also available.

• Low DC line voltage; operates down to 1.6V (excluding polarity guard)
• Voltage regulator with adjustable static resistance
• Provides a supply for external circuits
• Symmetrical high-impedance inputs (64 kΩ) for dynamic, magnetic or piezo-electric microphones
• Asymmetrical high-impedance input (32 kΩ) for electrets microphones
• DTMF signal input with confidence tone
• Mute input for pulse or DTMF dialing
    - ILA1062: active HIGH (MUTE)
    - ILA1062A: active LOW (MUTE)
• Receiving amplifier for dynamic, magnetic or piezo-electric earpieces
• Large gain setting range on microphone and earpiece amplifiers
• Line loss compensation (line current dependent) for microphone and earpiece amplifiers
• Gain control curve adaptable to exchange supply
• DC line voltage adjustment facility


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