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Número de piezaDescripción (Función)Fabricante
NPCA110T Audio Enhancing Engine and DAC ETC
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General Description
The Nuvoton NPCA110T device is a member of Nuvoton’s Sound Enhancing family optimized for TV applications.
The NPCA110T integrates Waves® MaxxAudio 3 sound enhancement algorithms. These are proprietary, patented, psychoacoustic algorithms that compensate for the acoustic limitations of small CE devices.

Outstanding Features
■ Improves audio quality for low-performance speakers
■ System-level BOM savings
■ Stereo operation
■ I2C controlled
■ 24-bit accuracy
■ Audio algorithms
    — MAXX3D
    — MAXXEQ
■ Audio input
    — Up to three I2S or Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) inputs
■ Audio output
    — Optional generation of one bass channel
    — Up to three I2S or SSI outputs
    — Up to three analog outputs: typical SNR of 96 dB; typical THD of -86 dB
■ Several General-Purpose digital signals available to the application (GPIOs)
■ Typical operational power target of less than 0.2W
■ Power-down target of less than 1 mW
■ 3.3V operation


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