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NS32FV100 Hoja de datos - National ->Texas Instruments

Número de piezaDescripción (Función)Fabricante
NS32FV100 System Controller National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
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NS32FV100 Ficha de datos PDF : NS32FV100 pdf   
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General Description
The NS32FX200, NS32FV100 and NS32FX100 are highly integrated system chips designed for a FAX system based on National Semiconductor’s embedded processors—NS32FX161, NS32FV16 or NS32FX164. The NS32FX100 is the common core for all three system chips. The NS32FV100 and NS32FX200 offer additional functions. Throughout this document, references to the NS32FX100 also apply to both the NS32FV100 and the NS32FX200. Specific NS32FV100 or NS32FX200 features are explicitly indicated.

■ Direct interface to the NS32FX161, NS32FV16 and NS32FX164 embedded processors
■ Supports a variety of Contact Image Sensor (CIS) and Charge Coupled Device (CCD) scanners
■ Direct interface to a variety of Thermal Print Head (TPH) printers. Bitmap shifter and DMA channels facilitate the connection of other types of printers
■ Supports two stepper motors
■ Direct interface to ROM and SRAM. The NS32FX200 and NS32FV100, in addition, interface to DRAM devices
■ Programmable wait state generator
■ Demultiplexed address and data buses
■ Multiplexed DRAM address bus (NS32FX200 and NS32FV100)
■ Supports 3V freeze mode by maintaining only elapsed time counter
■ Control of power consumption by disabling inactive modules and reducing the clock frequency
■ Operating frequency
    — Normal mode: 19.6608 MHz—24.576 MHz in steps of 1.2288 MHz. (NS32FX200)
    — Normal mode: 19.6608 MHz—24.576 MHz in steps of 1.2288 MHz. (NS32FV100)
    — Normal mode: 14.7456 MHz—19.6608 MHz in steps of 1.2288 MHz. (NS32FX100)
    — Power Save mode: Normal mode frequency divided by sixteen
■ On-Chip full duplex Sigma-Delta CODEC with:
    — Total harmonic distortion better than b70 dB
    — Programmable hybrid balance filter
    — Programmable reception and transmission filters
    — Programmable gain control
■ On-Chip Interrupt Control Unit with:
    — 16 interrupt sources
    — Programmable triggering mode
■ On-Chip counters, WATCHDOGTM, UART, MICROWIRETM, System Clock Generator, and I/O ports
■ On-Chip DMA controller (NS32FX200—four channels, NS32FX100, NS32FV100—three channels)
■ Up to 37 on-chip general purpose I/O pins, expandable externally
■ Flexible allocation of I/O and modules’ pins
■ 132-pin JEDEC PQFP package


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