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NTE2026 Integrated Circuit Gas–Discharge Display Driver NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics NTE-Electronic
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The NTE2026 is a monolithic high–voltage bipolar integrated circuit which dramatically reduces the number of discrete components required to link MOS, or other low–voltage circuitry, with the anodes of gas–discharge display panels.
This device contains six drivers. Each driver has appropriate level shifting, signal amplification, output off–state voltage bias, and 40mA output current sourcing for sequential addressing of display panel anodes. The inputs include pull–down resistors for direct connection to open–drain PMOS logic.
The NTE2026 can be used in a wide variety of low– to high–voltage applications. High reliability, small size, ease of installation, and low cost make this device an ideal choice for many applications.

• TTL/MOS Compatible Inputs
• High Output Breakdown Voltage
• High Output Current capability
• Low Power
• Reliable Monolithic Construction


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