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ST6242 Datasheet PDF : ST6242 pdf     
ST62T42B image

The ST62T42B and ST62E42B devices are low cost members of the ST62xx 8-bit HCMOS family of microcontrollers, which are targeted at low to medium complexity applications. All ST62xx devices are based on a building block approach: a common core is surrounded by a number of on-chip peripherals.
The ST62E42B is the erasable EPROM version of the ST62T42B device, which may be used to emulate the ST62T42B device, as well as the respective ST6242B ROM devices.

■ 3.0 to 6.0V Supply Operating Range
■ 8 MHz Maximum Clock Frequency
■ -40 to +85°C Operating Temperature Range
■ Run, Wait and Stop Modes
■ 5 Interrupt Vectors
■ Look-up Table capability in Program Memory
■ Data Storage in Program Memory: User selectable size
■ Data RAM: 192 bytes
■ Data EEPROM: 128 bytes
■ User Programmable Options
■ 18 I/O pins, fully programmable as:
   – Input with pull-up resistor
   – Input without pull-up resistor
   – Input with interrupt generation
   – Open-drain or push-pull output
   – Analog Input
   – LCD segments (8 combiport lines)
■ 4 I/O lines can sink up to 20mA to drive LEDs or TRIACs directly
■ Two 8-bit Timer/Counter with 7-bit programmable prescaler
■ Digital Watchdog
■ 8-bit A/D Converter with 6 analog inputs
■ 8-bit Synchronous Peripheral Interface (SPI)
■ LCD driver with 40 segment outputs, 4 backplane outputs and selectable multiplexing ratio.
■ On-chip Clockoscillator can be driven by Quartz Crystal or Ceramic resonator
■ One external Non-Maskable Interrupt
■ ST6242-EMU2 Emulation and Development System (connects to an MS-DOS PC via a parallel port).


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