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ST6252B Datasheet PDF : ST6252B pdf     
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The ST62T52B and ST62T62B devices is low cost members of the ST62xx 8-bit HCMOS family of microcontrollers, which is targeted at low to medium complexity applications. All ST62xx devices are based on a building block approach: a common core is surrounded by a number of on-chip peripherals.
The ST62E62B is the erasable EPROM version of the ST62T62B device, which may be used to emulate the ST62T52B and ST62T62B devices as well as the ST6252B and ST6262B ROM devices.
OTP and EPROM devices are functionally identical. The ROM based versions offer the same functionality selecting as ROM options the options defined in the programmable option byte of the OTP/EPROM versions.

■ 3.0 to 6.0V Supply Operating Range
■ 8 MHz Maximum Clock Frequency
■ -40 to +125°C Operating Temperature Range
■ Run, Wait and Stop Modes
■ 5 Interrupt Vectors
■ Look-up Table capability in Program Memory
■ Data Storage in Program Memory: User selectable size
■ Data RAM: 128 bytes
■ Data EEPROM: 64 bytes (none on ST62T52B)
■ User Programmable Options
■ 9 I/O pins, fully programmable as:
   – Input with pull-up resistor
   – Input without pull-up resistor
   – Input with interrupt generation
   – Open-drain or push-pull output
   – Analog Input
■ 5 I/O lines can sink up to 20mA to drive LEDs or TRIACs directly
■ 8-bit Timer/Counter with 7-bit programmable prescaler
■ 8-bit Auto-reload Timer with 7-bit programmable prescaler (AR Timer)
■ Digital Watchdog
■ 8-bit A/D Converter with 4 analog inputs
■ On-chip Clock oscillator can be driven by Quartz Crystal Ceramic resonator or RC network
■ User configurable Power-on Reset
■ One external Non-Maskable Interrupt
■ ST626x-EMU2 Emulation and Development System (connects to an MS-DOS PC via a parallel port)


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