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STLM20 Datasheet PDF : STLM20 pdf     
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The STLM20 is a precision analog output temperature sensor for low current applications where maximizing battery life is important. It operates over a –55°C to 130°C (grade 7) or –40°C to 85°C (grade 9) temperature range. The power supply operating range is 2.4V to 5.5V. The accuracy of the STLM20 is ± 1.5°C, at an ambient temperature of 25°C. The temperature error increases linearly and reaches a maximum of ±2.5°C at the temperature range extremes. The temperature range is affected by the power supply voltage. For the temperature grade 7 device, a power supply voltage of 2.7V to 5.5V, the temperature range extremes are +130°C and –55°C. Decreasing the power supply voltage to 2.4V changes the negative extreme to –30°C, while the positive remains at +130°C.
The STLM20 has a maximum quiescent supply current of 8µA. Therefore, self-heating is negligible.

■ Precision analog voltage output temperature sensor
■ ±1.5°C temperature accuracy at 25°C
■ Ultra-low quiescent supply current: 8.0µA (max)
■ Operating voltage range: 2.4V to 5.5V
■ Operating temperature range:
   –55°C to 130°C (grade - 7)
   –40°C to 85°C (grade - 9)
■ SOT323-5 (SC70-5) 5-lead package
■ UDFN 4-lead package

■ Third generation (3G) cell phones
■ Multimedia PDA devices
■ GPS devices
■ Portable medical instruments
■ Voltage-controlled crystal oscillator temperature monitors
■ RF power transistor monitor


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