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STV6415A Datasheet PDF : STV6415A pdf     
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The main function of the STV6415A is to switch eight video input sources on the six outputs.
Each output can be switched to only one of the inputs, whereas any single input may be connected to several outputs.
All switching possibilities are controlled through the I²C bus.

■ 20 MHz bandwidth
■ Cascadable with another STV6415A (internal address can be changed by pin 7 voltage)
■ Eight inputs (CVBS, RGB, Chroma, …)
■ Six outputs
■ Possibility of chroma signal for each input by switching off the clamp with an external resistor bridge
■ I²C bus-controlled
■ 6.5 dB gain between any input and output
■ –55 dB crosstalk at 5 MHz
■ Full ESD protection


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