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STV7622 Datasheet PDF : STV7622 pdf     
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The STV7622 is a data driver for Plasma Display Panels (PDP) designed in the ST’s proprietary BCD high-voltage technology.
It controls up to 192 outputs via an input data bus (3, 6 or 2 × 3-bits wide) operating at up to 60MHz. This large number of outputs reduces the number of connections between the controller board and the data driver ICs.

■ 192 high-voltage outputs
■ Output pad placements: I-shape
■ 90V absolute maximum supply
■ EMI control features:
   – SmartSlope
   – ConstantSlope
   – Spread Spectrum Jitter (SSJ)
■ Configurable data bus:
   – 3, 6 or 2 × 3 bits
   – TTL and LVCMOS compatible
   – RSDS mode
   – Single- or dual-edge clocking mode
   – 60MHz clock frequency
■ 3.3/5V CMOS logic compatible
■ - 60/+24mA source/sink output current capability
■ BCD Process
■ Packaging according to customer request: wafer, die, bumped die/wafer, TCP or COF


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