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TAE1453 Datasheet PDF : TAE1453 pdf     
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Single PNP-operational amplifier

These operational amplifiers are circuits for universal applications having a PNP-input differential stage and an open collector output. Apart from one resistor, only active components are used. The integrated regulator provides for all parameters a large degree of independence from the supply voltage.

● PNP input
● Supply voltage range between 3 V and 36 V
● Low current consumption, 0.25 mA typ.
● Extremely large control range
● Low output saturation voltage, almost independent of load current
● Output current up to 70 mA (100 mA max.)
● Wide common-mode range
● Wide operating temperature range (TAF 1453)
● Open collector output

● Amplifier
● Level converter
● Driver
● Zero voltage switch
● Comparator


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