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VS6502 Datasheet PDF : VS6502 pdf     
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The VS6502 is a VGA resolution SmOP sensor module. SmOP technology combines the image sensor and fixed focus lens system in a single module. The SmOP sensor module is connected to the PCB either via a socket or flex option. The socket allows the PCB to use standard reflow soldering techniques.

■ Small physical size: integrated lens in a SmOP (Small Optical Package)
■ 640 x 480 VGA resolution
■ Up to 30 frame/s VGA, 60 frame/s QVGA
■ On-chip 10-bit ADC
■ Automatic dark calibration
■ 2.6 V to 3.6 V power supply
■ I2C communications
■ Low power suspend mode
■ 4 or 5 wire nibble output
■ Socket available separately

● Miniature USB web cameras (STV0676 - STV0674)
● Embedded cameras (STV0676 - STV0674): Handhelds, Cell phones, Network cameras
● Digital stills cameras (STV0674): Minicam, miniature USB flash drive cameras
● Digital video cameras (STV0674)


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