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XE0020 Datasheet PDF : XE0020 pdf     
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The XE0020 and XE0020C are complete compact telephone interface modules. As with all Xecom DAAs the XE0020 and XE0020C include Ring Detection, Switch-Hook, and Loop Current Holding Circuits. In addition both the XE0020 and XE0020C include two line monitors to insure unobtrusive customer premises operation. The XE0020C also passes the Caller ID signal through to the system host.
Xecom designed the XE0020 and XE0020C for unobtrusive operation in residential applications. Two integral line monitors prevent interference with the residents calls.

* Small Size: 2.0" by 0.5" by 0.4" thick;
* Supports data transfer at 33,600 bps;
* FCC Part 68 Compliant;
* Ring Detection;
* Continuous Connect Detect Monitor;
* Handset Interrupt Monitor
* Single +5 Volt Power Supply;
* Hookswitch Control
* Caller ID Signal Path (XE0020C)


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