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Analog Devices ADI
Descripción (Función)Precision, Wide Bandwidth 3-Port Isolation Amplifier
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The AD210 is the latest member of a new generation of low cost, high performance isolation amplifiers. This three-port, wide bandwidth isolation amplifier is manufactured with surface-mounted components in an automated assembly process. The AD210 combines design expertise with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to produce an extremely compact and economical isolator whose performance and abundant user features far exceed those offered in more expensive devices.
The AD210 provides a complete isolation function with both signal and power isolation supplied via transformer coupling internal to the module. The AD210’s functionally complete design, powered by a single +15 V supply, eliminates the need for an external DC/DC converter, unlike optically coupled isolation devices. The true three-port design structure permits the AD210 to be applied as an input or output isolator, in single or multichannel applications. The AD210 will maintain its high performance under sustained common-mode stress.
Providing high accuracy and complete galvanic isolation, the AD210 interrupts ground loops and leakage paths, and rejects common-mode voltage and noise that may other vise degrade measurement accuracy. In addition, the AD210 provides protection from fault conditions that may cause damage to other sections of a measurement system.

  High CMV Isolation: 2500 V rms Continuous
                          ±3500 V Peak Continuous
  Small Size: 1.00" x 2.10" x 0.350"
  Three-Port Isolation: Input, Output, and Power
  Low Nonlinearity: ±0.012% max
  Wide Bandwidth: 20 kHz Full-Power (–3 dB)
  Low Gain Drift: ±25 ppm/8C max
  High CMR: 120 dB (G = 100 V/V)
  Isolated Power: ±15 V @ ±5 mA
  Uncommitted Input Amplifier
  Multichannel Data Acquisition
  High Voltage Instrumentation Amplifier
  Current Shunt Measurements
  Process Signal Isolation

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