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HLMP1700 Hoja de datos - Avago Technologies

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HLMP1700 T-1 3/4 (5 mm), T-1 (3 mm), Low Current LED Lamps Avagotech
Avago Technologies Avagotech
HLMP1700 PDF Hoja de datos : HLMP1700 pdf   
HLMP1700 image

These tinted diffused LED lamps are designed and optimized specifcally for low DC current operation. Luminous intensity and forward voltage are tested at 2 mA to assure consistent brightness at TTL output current levels.

• Low power
• High efciency
• CMOS-MOS compatible
• TTL compatible
• Wide viewing angle
• Choice of package styles
• Choice of colors

• Low power DC circuits
• Telecommunications indicators
• Portable equipment
• Keyboard indicators

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