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CLC1050 Datasheet PDF - Cadeka Microcircuits LLC.

Número de piezacomponentes DescripciónFabricante
CLC1050 Low Power, 3V to 36V, Single, Dual, Quad Amplifers CADEKA
Cadeka Microcircuits LLC. CADEKA
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CLC1050 Datasheet PDF : CLC1050 pdf   
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General Description
The COMLINEAR CLC1050 (single), CLC2050 (dual), and CLC4050 (quad) are voltage feedback amplifers that are internally frequency compensated to provide unity gain stability. At unity gain (G=1), these amplifers offer 550kHz of bandwidth. They consume only 0.5mA of supply current over the entire power supply operating range. The CLC1050, CLC2050, and CLC4050 are specifcally designed to operate from single or dual supply voltages.

● Unity gain stable
● 100dB voltage gain
● 550kHz unity gain bandwidth
● 0.5mA supply current
● 20nA input bias current
● 2mV input offset voltage
● 3V to 36V single supply voltage range
● ±1.5V to ±18V dual supply voltage range
● Input common mode voltage range includes ground
● 0V to VS-1.5V output voltage swing
● CLC2050: improved replacement for industry standard LM358
● CLC4050: Improved replacement for industry standard LM324
● CLC1050: Pb-free SOT23-5
● CLC2050: Pb-free SOIC-8
● CLC4050: Pb-free SOIC-14

● Battery Charger
● Active Filters
● Transducer amplifers
● General purpose controllers
● General purpose instruments

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