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C8051F340 Full Speed USB Flash MCU Family ETC1
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System Overview
C8051F340/1/2/3/4/5/6/7 devices are fully integrated mixed-signal System-on-a-Chip MCUs. Highlighted features are listed below. Refer to Table 1.1 for specific product feature selection.
• High-speed pipelined 8051-compatible microcontroller core (up to 48 MIPS)
• In-system, full-speed, non-intrusive debug interface (on-chip)
• Universal Serial Bus (USB) Function Controller with eight flexible endpoint pipes, integrated trans ceiver, and 1 kB FIFO RAM
• Supply Voltage Regulator
• True 10-bit 200 ksps differential / single-ended ADC with analog multiplexer
• On-chip Voltage Reference and Temperature Sensor
• On-chip Voltage Comparators (2)
• Precision internal calibrated 12 MHz internal oscillator and 4x clock multiplier
• Internal low-frequency oscillator for additional power savings
• Up to 64 kB of on-chip Flash memory
• Up to 4352 Bytes of on-chip RAM (256 + 4 kB)
• External Memory Interface (EMIF) available on 48-pin versions.
• SMBus/I2C, up to 2 UARTs, and Enhanced SPI serial interfaces implemented in hardware
• Four general-purpose 16-bit timers
• Programmable Counter/Timer Array (PCA) with five capture/compare modules and Watchdog Timer function
• On-chip Power-On Reset, VDD Monitor, and Missing Clock Detector
• Up to 40 Port I/O (5 V tolerant)

With on-chip Power-On Reset, VDD monitor, Voltage Regulator, Watchdog Timer, and clock oscillator, C8051F340/1/2/3/4/5/6/7 devices are truly stand-alone System-on-a-Chip solutions. The Flash memory can be reprogrammed in-circuit, providing non-volatile data storage, and also allowing field upgrades of the 8051 firmware. User software has complete control of all peripherals, and may individually shut down any or all peripherals for power savings.


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