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FIN1104MTC Datasheet PDF - Fairchild Semiconductor

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FIN1104MTC LVDS 4 Port High Speed Repeater Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild
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FIN1104MTC Datasheet PDF : FIN1104MTC pdf   
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General Description
This 4 port repeater is designed for high speed interconnects utilizing Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) technology. The FIN1104 accepts and outputs LVDS levels with a typical differential output swing of 330 mV which provides low EMI at ultra low power dissipation even at high frequencies. The FIN1104 provides a VBB reference for AC coupling on the inputs. In addition the FIN1104 can directly accept LVPECL, HSTL, and SSTL-2 for translation to LVDS.
■ Greater than 800 Mbps data rate
■ 3.3V power supply operation
■ 3.5 ps maximum random jitter and 135 ps maximum
    deterministic jitter
■ Wide rail-to-rail common mode range
■ LVDS receiver inputs accept LVPECL, HSTL, and
    SSTL-2 directly
■ Ultra low power consumption
■ 20 ps typical channel-to-channel skew
■ Power off protection
■ > 7.5 kV HBM ESD Protection
■ Meets or exceeds the TIA/EIA-644-A LVDS standard
■ Available in space saving 24-Lead TSSOP package
■ Open circuit fail safe protection
■ VBB reference output

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