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HLMP-0800 T-13/4, 2 mm X 5 mm Rectangular Bicolor LED Lamps High Efficiency Red/High Performance Green HP
HP => Agilent Technologies HP
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HLMP-0800 Ficha de datos PDF : HLMP-0800 pdf   
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The T-1 3/4 HLMP-4000 and 2 mm by 5 mm rectangular HLMP-0800 are three leaded bicolor light sources designed for a variety of applications where dual state illumination is required in the same package. There are two LED chips, high efficiency red (HER), and high performance green (Green), mounted on a central common cathode lead for maximum on-axis viewability. Colors between HER and Green can be generated by independently pulse width modulating the LED chips.

• Two Color (Red, Green) Operation
• (Other Two LED Color Combinations Available)
• Three Leads with One Common Cathode
• Option of Straight or Spread Lead Configurations
• Diffused, Wide Visibility Lens

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