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HLMP-1301-EF002 Hoja de datos - HP => Agilent Technologies

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HLMP-1301-EF002 T-1 (3 mm) Diffused LED Lamps HP
HP => Agilent Technologies HP
HLMP-1301-EF002 PDF Hoja de datos : HLMP-1301-EF002 pdf   
HLMP-1401-EFBXX image

This family of T-1 lamps is widely used in general purpose indicator applications. Diffusants, tints, and optical design are balanced to yield superior light output and wide viewing angles. Several intensity choices are available in each color for increased design flexibility.

• High Intensity
• Choice of 4 Bright Colors High Efficiency Red Orange Yellow High Performance Green
• Popular T-1 Diameter Package
• Selected Minimum Intensities
• Wide Viewing Angle
• General Purpose Leads
• Reliable and Rugged
• Available on Tape and Reel

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