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HT27C512 Hoja de datos - Holtek Semiconductor

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HT27C512 OTP CMOS 64K8-Bit EPROM Holtek
Holtek Semiconductor Holtek
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HT27C512 Ficha de datos PDF : HT27C512 pdf   
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General Description
The HT27C512 chip family is a low-power, 512K bit, +5V electrically one-time programmable (OTP) read-only memories (EPROM). Or ganized into 64K words with 8 bits per word, it features a fast single address location programming, typically at 75µs per byte.

• Operating voltage: +5.0V
• Programming voltage
  – VPP=12.2V±0.2V
  – VCC=5.8V±0.2V
• High-reliability CMOS technology
• Latch-up immunity to 100mA from -1.0V to VCC+1.0V
• CMOS and TTL compatible I/O
• Low power consumption
  – Active: 30mA max.
  – Standby: 1µA typ.
• 64K×8-bit organization
• Fast read access time: 70ns, 90ns and 120ns
• Fast programming algorithm
• Programming time 75µs typ.
• Two line control (OE & CE)
• Standard product identification code
• Package type
  – 28-pin DIP/SOP
  – 32-pin PLCC
• Commercial temperature range(0°C to +70°C)

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