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KB3301 Datasheet PDF - Kingbor Technology Co

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KB3301 Step-up DC/DC converter KINGBOR
Kingbor Technology Co KINGBOR
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KB3301 Datasheet PDF : KB3301 pdf   
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General Description
The KB3301 is a small, high efficiency, and low voltage step-up DC/DC converter with an Adaptive Current Mode PWM control loop, includes an error amplifier, ramp generator, comparator, switch pass element and driver in which providing a stable and high efficient operation over a wide range of load currents. It operates in stable waveforms without external compensation.
The low start-up input voltage below 0.8V makes KB3301 suitable for 1 to 4 battery cells applications of providing up to 300mA output current. The 500KHz high switching rate minimized the size of external components. Besides, the 14µA low quiescent current together with high efficiency maintains long battery lifetime.
The KB3301 is available in small package SOT-26 and SOT89-5

♦ 90% Efficiency
♦ High Supply Capability to Deliver 5.0V 500mA with input 3.6V-4.2V
♦ 14µA Quiescent (switch-off) Supply Current
♦ 500KHz Fixed Switching Frequency
♦ Zero Shutdown Mode Supply Current
♦ Providing Flexibility for Using Internal and External Power Switches
♦ 1.0V Low Start-up Input Voltage
♦ Small SOT-26 & SOT89-5 Package

♦ LCD Panel
♦ MP3
♦ Wireless Equipment
♦ Portable Instrument

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