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ML145403-6P Hoja de datos - LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc.

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ML145403-6P Drivers/Receivers RS 232/EIA?232?E and CCITT V.28 LANSDALE
LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc. LANSDALE
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These devices are silicon gate CMOS ICs that combine both the transmitter and receiver to fulfill the electrical specifications of EIA Standard 232–E and CCITT V.28. The drivers feature true TTL input compatibility, slew rate limiting outputs, 300 Ω power–off source impedance, and output typically switching to within 25% of the supply rails. The receivers can handle up to ± 25 V while presenting 3 to 7 kΩ impedance. Hysteresis in the receivers aid in the reception of noisy signals. By combining both drivers and receivers in a single CMOS chip, these devices provide efficient, low–power solutions for both EIA–232–E and V.28 applications.
These devices offer the following performance features:

• Operating Temperature Range TA = –40° to +85°C

• ± 5 to ± 12 V Supply Range
• 300 Ω Power–Off Source Impedance
• Output Current Limiting
• TTL and CMOS Compatible Inputs
• Driver Slew Rate Range Limited to 30 V/µs Maximum

• ± 25 V Input Range
• 3 to 7 kΩ Input Impedance
• 0.8 V of Hysteresis for Enhanced Noise Immunity
• TTL and CMOS Compatible Outputs

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