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0JLS050.T General Purpose Fuses JLS Class J Fuses 600 VAC • Fast Acting • 1 – 600 Amperes Littelfuse
Littelfuse, Inc Littelfuse
0JLS050.T PDF Hoja de datos : 0JLS050.T pdf   
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JLS series fuses provide space saving, fast acting overload and short circuit protection for non-inductive loads. When used for motors or other inductive loads, the ampere rating of JLS series fuses must be increased to prevent nuisance opening on in-rush currents. In such applications, JLS fuses may provide only short-circuit protection. Consider using Littelfuse POWR-PRO® JTD or JTD_ID series time-delay fuses in such circuits.
    General purpose circuits with little or no motor load.
    Resistive loads, such as resistance electric heat.
    Loads requiring fast acting overload protection, such as equipment
        containing solid-state devices.

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