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COMPAK Sample Instructions for Choosing a Packing Option Littelfuse
Littelfuse, Inc Littelfuse
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Sample Instructions for Choosing a Packing Option

(1) If selecting an “L401E6” (sensitive gate, 400 V, 1 A triac in a TO-92 package), choose one of the options available for that device:
• Bulk packed in 2,000 quantity
• Tape and Reel with 2,000 parts per reel
• Tape and Ammo with 2,000 parts per box
(2) Add the designated code as a suffix to the device number, such as “L401E6 RP” if selecting Tape and Reel or “L401E6 AP” if selecting Tape and Ammo. (Bulk packing requires no suffix.)

Packing options include:
• Bulk Pack
• Reel Pack (RP)
• Ammo Pack (AP)
• Tube Pack (TP)
• Embossed Carrier (RP)
See “Package Type and Packing Options” on page M3-2.


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