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MAX2310EEI Hoja de datos - Maxim Integrated

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MAX2310EEI CDMA IF VGAs and I/Q Demodulators with VCO and Synthesizer MaximIC
Maxim Integrated MaximIC
Otro PDF  2003  
MAX2310EEI Ficha de datos PDF : MAX2310EEI pdf   
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General Description
The MAX2310/MAX2312/MAX2314/MAX2316 are IF receivers designed for dual-band, dual-mode, and single-mode N-CDMA and W-CDMA cellular phone systems. The signal path consists of a variable gain amplifier (VGA) and I/Q demodulator. The devices feature guaranteed +2.7V operation, a dynamic range of over 110dB, and high input IP3 (-33dBm at 35dB gain, 1.7dBm at -35dB).

♦ Complete IF Subsystem Includes VCO and Synthesizer
♦ Supports Dual-Band, Triple-Mode Operation
♦ VGA with >110dB Gain Control
♦ Quadrature Demodulator
♦ High Output Level (2.7V)
♦ Programmable Charge-Pump Current
♦ Supports Any IF Frequency Between 40MHz and 300MHz
♦ 3-Wire Programmable Interface
♦ Low Supply Voltage (+2.7V)

    Single/Dual/Triple-Mode CDMA Handsets
    Globalstar Dual-Mode Handsets
    Wireless Data Links
    Tetra Direct-Conversion Receivers
    Wireless Local Loop (WLL)


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