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UPD16449 Datasheet PDF : UPD16449 pdf   
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µPD16449 is a source driver for TFT liquid crystal panels. This IC consists of a multiplexer circuit supporting a variety of pixel arrays, a shift register that generates sampling timing, and two sample and hold circuits that sample analog voltages. Because the two sample and hold circuits alternately execute sampling and holding, a high definition can be obtained. In addition, simultaneous sampling and successive sampling are automatically selected according to the pixel array of the LCD panel. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, including navigation systems and automobile LCD-TVs.

• Can be driven on 5 V (Dynamic range: 4.3 V, VDD2 = 5.0 V)
• 240-output
• fCLK = 15 MHz MAX. (VDD1 = 3.0 V)
• Simultaneous/successive sampling selectable according to pixel array
    Simultaneous sampling: Vertical stripe
    Successive sampling: Delta array, mosaic array
• Two sample and hold circuits
• Low output deviation between pins (± 20 mV MAX.)
• Stripe, delta, and mosaic pixel arrays supported by internal multiplexer circuit
• Left and right shift selected by R,/L pin
• TCP/COG mounting possible

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