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NTE2708 Integrated Circuit NMOS, 8K UV EPROM, 450ns NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics NTE-Electronic
NTE2708 PDF Hoja de datos : NTE2708 pdf   
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The NTE2708 is an ultra–violet light–erasable, electrically programmable read only memory. It has 8, 192 bits organized as 1024 words of 8–bit length. This device is fabricated using N–channel silicon–gate technology for high speed and simple interface with MOS and bipolar circuits. All inputs (including program data inputs) can be driven by Series 74 TTL circuits without the use of external pull–up resistors. Each output can drive one Series 74 or 74LS TTL circuit without external resistors. The data outputs for the NTE2708 are three–state for OR tying multiple devices on a common bus.
This EPROM is designed for high–density fixed memory applications where fast turn arounds and/or program changes are required. This device is designed for operation from 0° to +70°C and is supplied in a 24–Lead DIP package for insertion in mounting–hole rows on 600–mil (15.2 mm) centers.

• 1024 X 8 Organization
• All Inputs and Outputs Fully TTL Compatible
• Static Operation (No Clocks, No Refresh)
• Performance Ranges:
   Max Access: 450ns
   Min Cycle: 450ns
• 3–State Outputs for OR–Ties
• 8–Bit Output
• Plug–Compatible Pin–Outs Allowing Interchangeability


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