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54LVX3384 Hoja de datos - National ->Texas Instruments

Número de pieza54LVX3384 National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
Descripción (Función)10-Bit Low Power Bus Switch
54LVX3384 PDF Hoja de datos : 54LVX3384 pdf   
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General Description
The 54LVX3384 provides 10 bits of high-speed CMOS TTL-compatible bus switches. The low on resistance of the switch allows inputs to be connected to outputs without adding propagation delay or generating additional ground bounce noise. The device is organized as two 5-bit switches with separate bus enable (OE ) signals. When OE is low, the switch is on and port A is connected to port B. When OE is high, the switch is open and a high-impedance state exists between the two ports.
■ 4Ω switch connection between two ports
■ Minimal propagation delay through the switch
■ Ultra low power with <0.1 µA typical ICC
■ Zero ground bounce in flow-through mode
■ Control inputs compatible with TTL levels
■ Available in CDIP and Cerpack Packaging
■ Standard Microcircuit Drawing (SMD) 5962-9950701

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