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ADC0800 Hoja de datos - National ->Texas Instruments

Número de piezaDescripción (Función)Fabricante
ADC0800 8-Bit A/D converter National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
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ADC0800 Ficha de datos PDF : ADC0800 pdf   
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General Description
The ADC0800 is an 8-bit monolithic A/D converter using P-channel ion-implanted MOS technology. It contains a high input impedance comparator, 256 series resistors and analog switches, control logic and output latches. Conversion is performed using a successive approximation technique where the unknown analog voltage is compared to the resistor tie points using analog switches. When the appropriate tie point voltage matches the unknown voltage, conversion is complete and the digital outputs contain an 8-bit complementary binary word corresponding to the unknown. The binary output is TRI-STATEÉ to permit bussing on common data lines.

Low cost
g5V, 10V input ranges
No missing codes
Ratiometric conversion
TRI-STATE outputs
Fast TCe50 ms
Contains output latches
TTL compatible
Supply voltages 5 VDC and b12 VDC
Resolution 8 bits
Linearity g1 LSB
Conversion speed 40 clock periods
Clock range 50 to 800 kHz

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