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LM12L458 Hoja de datos - National ->Texas Instruments

Número de piezaLM12L458 National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
Descripción (Función)12-Bit + Sign Data Acquisition System with Self-Calibration
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LM12L458 PDF Hoja de datos : LM12L458 pdf   
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General Description
The LM12L458 is a highly integrated 3.3V Data Acquisition System. It combines a fully-differential self-calibrating (correcting linearity and zero errors) 13-bit (12-bit + sign) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and sample-and-hold (S/H) with extensive analog functions and digital functionality.

■ Three operating modes: 12-bit + sign, 8-bit + sign, and
■ Single-ended or differential inputs
■ Built-in Sample-and-Hold
■ Instruction RAM and event sequencer
■ 8-channel multiplexer
■ 32-word conversion FIFO
■ Programmable acquisition times and conversion rates
■ Self-calibration and diagnostic mode
■ 8- or 16-bit wide databus microprocessor or DSP
■ CMOS compatible I/O

■ Data Logging
■ Process Control
■ Energy Management
■ Medical Instrumentation

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