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LMX2531 Hoja de datos - National ->Texas Instruments

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LMX2531 High Performance Frequency Synthesizer System with Integrated VCO National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
LMX2531 PDF Hoja de datos : LMX2531 pdf   
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General Description
The LMX2531 is a low power, high performance frequency synthesizer system which includes a fully integrated delta sigma PLL and VCO with fully integrated tank circuit. The third and fourth poles are also integrated and also adjustable. Also included are integrated ultra-low noise and high precision LDOs for the PLL and VCO which give higher supply noise immunity and also more consistent performance. When combined with a high quality reference oscillator, the LMX2531 generates very stable, low noise local oscillator signals for up and down conversion in wireless communication devices. The LMX2531 is a monolithic integrated circuit, fabricated in an advanced BiCMOS process. There are several different versions of this product in order to accommodate different frequency bands.

■ Multiple Frequency Options Available
   — See Selection Guide Below
   — Frequencies from: 553 MHz - 3132 MHz
■ PLL Features
   — Fractional-N Delta Sigma Modulator Order
      programmable up to 4th order
   — FastLock/Cycle Slip Reduction with Timeout Counter
   — Partially integrated, adjustable Loop Filter
   — Very low phase noise and spurs
■ VCO Features
   — Integrated tank inductor
   — Low phase noise
■ Other Features
   — 2.8 V to 3.2 V Operation
   — Low Power-Down Current
   — 1.8 V MICROWIRE Support
      Package: 36 Lead LLP

Target Applications
■ 3G Cellular Base Stations (WCDMA, TD
■ 2G Cellular Base Stations (GSM/GPRS, EDGE,
■ Wireless LAN
■ Broadband Wireless Access
■ Satellite Communications
■ Wireless Radio
■ Automotive
■ CATV Equipment
■ Instrumentation and Test Equipment
■ RFID Readers

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