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PC8477B Hoja de datos - National ->Texas Instruments

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PC8477B Advanced Floppy Disk Controller National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
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General Description
The PC8477B CMOS advanced floppy disk controller is an enhanced version of National’s DP8473 floppy controller. The PC8477B is software compatible with the DP8473 and NEC mPD765 floppy disk controllers. In addition, it is pin and software compatible with the Intel 82077AA floppy control ler. The PC8477B, a 24 MHz crystal, a device chip select, and a resistor package are all that is needed for a complete PC-ATÉ, PS/2É or EISA floppy controller solution.
The PC8477B includes advanced features such as a 16 byte FIFO (Burst and Non-Burst modes), support of Per pendicular Recording Mode disk drives, PS/2 diagnostic registers for Model 30 and Models 50/60/80, standard CMOS disk I/O, and additional commands to control these new features. The 16 byte FIFO will increase system per formance at higher data rates and with multi-tasking bus structures. This controller is designed to fit into all PC-AT, EISA, and PS/2 designs, as well as other advanced applications.

■ Pin and software compatible with Intel 82077AA FDC
■ Software compatible with NSC’s DP8473

■ 16 byte FIFO (default disabled)
   — Burst and Non-Burst modes
   — Programmable threshold
■ Perpendicular Mode Recording drive support
■ High performance internal analog data separator (no external filter components required)
■ Low power CMOS with manual power down mode
■ Automatic power down mode, for complete software transparency
■ Integrates all PC-AT, and PS/2 logic
   — On chip Oscillator
   — PC compatible FDC address decode
   — PS/2 Model 30 and Model 50/60/80 diagnostic registers
   — DMA control circuitry
   — High current CMOS disk interface outputs
   — Data Rate and Digital Output registers
   — 12 mA mP bus interface buffers
■ Data Rate Support: 250/300 kb/s, 500 kb/s, and 1 Mb/s
■ Write precompensation software programmable
■ 68 pin PLCC package
■ 60 pin PQFP package
   Ideal for space limited applications

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