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MC100EL59DW Hoja de datos - STMicroelectronics

Número de piezaDescripción (Función)Fabricante
MC100EL59DW 5V ECL Triple 2:1 Multiplexer STMICROELECTRONICS
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The MC100EL59 is a triple 2:1 multiplexer with differential outputs. The output data of the multiplexers can be controlled individually via the select inputs or as a group via the common select input. The flexible selection scheme makes the device useful for both data path and random logic applications.

• Individual or Common Select Controls
• 500 ps Typical Propagation Delays
• ESD Protection: >2 KV HBM
• The 100 Series Contains Temperature Compensation
• PECL Mode Operating Range: VCC= 4.2 V to 5.7 V with VEE= 0 V
• NECL Mode Operating Range: VCC= 0 V with VEE= –4.2 V to –5.7 V
• Internal Input Pulldown Resistors
• Q Output will Default LOW with Inputs Open or at VEE
• Meets or Exceeds JEDEC Spec EIA/JESD78 IC Latchup Test
• Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 For Additional Information, see Application Note AND8003/D
• Flammability Rating: UL–94 code V–0 @ 1/8”, Oxygen Index 28 to 34
• Transistor Count = 182 devices


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