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6N139 Hoja de datos - Shenzhen Tenand Technology Co., Ltd.

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6N139 Single Channel, High Speed Optocouplers TENAND
Shenzhen Tenand Technology Co., Ltd. TENAND
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These high gain series couplers use a light emitter diode and an integrated high gain photo detector to provide extremely high current transfer ratio between input and output. Separate pins for the photodiode and output stage result in TTL compatible saturation voltage and high speed operation. Where desired the Vcc and Vo terminals may be tied together to achieve conventional photo darlington operation. A base access terminal allows a gain bandwidth adjustment to be made.

• High current transfer ratio – 2000% typical.
• Low input current requirements – 0.5mA
• High output current – 60mA
• CTR guarantee – 0~70℃.
• Instantaneous common mode rejection 10KV/μsec
• TTL compatible output – 0.1V VOL typical
• UL, CSA approved.

• Digital logic ground isolation
• Low input current line receiver
• Telephone ring detector
• EIA-RS-232C line receiver
• Current loop receiver
• High common mode noise line receivera

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