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LMX2582 High Performance, Wideband PLLatinum™ RF Synthesizer with Integrated VCO Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments Texas-Instruments
LMX2582 PDF Hoja de datos : LMX2582 pdf   
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The LMX2582 is a low-noise, wideband RF PLL with integrated VCO that supports a frequency range from 20 MHz to 5.5 GHz. The device supports both fractional-N and integer-N modes, with a 32-bit fractional divider allowing fine frequency selection. Integrated noise of 47 fs for 1.8 GHz output makes it an ideal low noise source. Combining best-in-class PLL and integrated VCO noise with integrated LDOs, this device removes the need for multiple discrete devices in high performance systems.

• Output Frequency Range from 20 to 5500 MHz
• Industry Leading Phase Noise Performance
– VCO Phase Noise: –144.5 dBc/Hz at 1-MHz Offset for 1.8 GHz Output
– Normalized PLL Noise Floor: –231 dBc/Hz
– Normalized PLL Flicker Noise: –126 dBc/Hz
– 47 fs RMS Jitter (12 kHz to 20 MHz) for 1.8 GHz Output
• Input Clock Frequency up to 1400 MHz
• Phase Detector Frequency up to 200 MHz, and up to 400 MHz in Integer-N Mode
• Supports Fractional-N and Integer-N Modes
• Dual Differential Outputs
• Innovative Solution to Reduce Spurs
• < 25-µs Fast Calibration Mode
• Programmable Phase Adjustment
• Programmable Charge Pump Current
• Programmable Output Power Level
• SPI or uWire (4-Wire Serial Interface)
• Single Power Supply Operation: 3.3 V

• Test/Measurement Equipment
• Cellular Base-station
• Microwave Backhaul
• High-Performance Clock Source for High-Speed Data Converters
• Software Defined Radio

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