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232269190001 Datasheet PDF : 232269190001 pdf     
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This capacitive atmospheric humidity sensor consists of a non-conductive foil, which is covered on both sides with a layer of gold. The dielectric constant of the foil changes as a function of the relative humidity of the ambient atmosphere and, accordingly, the capacitance value of the sensor is a measure for relative humidity. The foil is clamped between contact springs and assembled in a plastic housing. It is provided with two connecting pins which fit printed-circuit boards with a grid pitch of 2.54 mm, provision is also made for fastening with 3 mm bolts. The characteristics are not affected by incidental water condensation on the sensor foil. It should not be exposed to either acetone or chlorine vapours.

• Humidity measurements in electronic hygrometers for
   domestic use
• Self-regulating air humidifiers, etc.


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