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MMBD3010T1 Hoja de datos - Motorola => Freescale

Número de piezaDescripción (Función)Fabricante
MMBD3010T1 Switching Diode Motorola
Motorola => Freescale Motorola
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MMBD3010T1 Ficha de datos PDF : MMBD3010T1 pdf   
MMBD1010LT1 image

Part of the GreenLine Portfolio of devices with energy–conserving traits.

This switching diode has the following features:
• Very Low Leakage (≤ 500 pA) promotes extended battery life by decreasing energy waste. Guaranteed leakage limit is for each diode in the pair contingent upon the other diode being in a non–forward–biased condition.
• Offered in four Surface Mount package types
• Available in 8 mm Tape and Reel in quantities of 3,000

• ESD Protection
• Reverse Polarity Protection
• Steering Logic
• Medium–Speed Switching


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