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TA-7.0 Datasheet PDF : TA-7.0 pdf     
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CP Clares Triggergaps are high-energy spark gaps that are capable of switching stored energy in a fraction of a microsecond. Triggergaps require no standby power, are extremely rugged, and require only a low-energy, high voltage triggering pulse. The miniature TA series (1-15kV) provides switching capability for pulses with energy content as high as 50 joules. The larger TB series (2.5-25 kV) will reliably switch pulses with up to 300 joules of energy. The TG-221 to 226 (1-60 kV) can switch pulses with energy contents of up to 6000 joules and feature adjustable self-breakdown voltages.

■ Tight self-breakdown voltage tolerance
   (±10%;TA & TB series)
■ Adjustable self-breakdown voltage
   (TG-221 to TG-226)
■ Rugged ceramic-metal construction
■ Refractory metal electrodes
■ Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
   external surfaces (TB series)

■ High current surge generators
■ Exploding bridge wire systems
■ Crowbars
■ Flashtube triggers

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