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BF996S,215 Datasheet PDF : 8 Pages
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NXP Semiconductors
N-channel dual-gate MOS-FET
Product specification
NXP Semiconductors does not accept any liability related
to any default, damage, costs or problem which is based
on any weakness or default in the customer’s applications
or products, or the application or use by customer’s third
party customer(s). Customer is responsible for doing all
necessary testing for the customer’s applications and
products using NXP Semiconductors products in order to
avoid a default of the applications and the products or of
the application or use by customer’s third party
customer(s). NXP does not accept any liability in this
Limiting values Stress above one or more limiting
values (as defined in the Absolute Maximum Ratings
System of IEC 60134) will cause permanent damage to
the device. Limiting values are stress ratings only and
(proper) operation of the device at these or any other
conditions above those given in the Recommended
operating conditions section (if present) or the
Characteristics sections of this document is not warranted.
Constant or repeated exposure to limiting values will
permanently and irreversibly affect the quality and
reliability of the device.
Terms and conditions of commercial sale NXP
Semiconductors products are sold subject to the general
terms and conditions of commercial sale, as published at, unless otherwise
agreed in a valid written individual agreement. In case an
individual agreement is concluded only the terms and
conditions of the respective agreement shall apply. NXP
Semiconductors hereby expressly objects to applying the
customer’s general terms and conditions with regard to the
purchase of NXP Semiconductors products by customer.
No offer to sell or license Nothing in this document
may be interpreted or construed as an offer to sell products
that is open for acceptance or the grant, conveyance or
implication of any license under any copyrights, patents or
other industrial or intellectual property rights.
Export control This document as well as the item(s)
described herein may be subject to export control
regulations. Export might require a prior authorization from
national authorities.
Quick reference data The Quick reference data is an
extract of the product data given in the Limiting values and
Characteristics sections of this document, and as such is
not complete, exhaustive or legally binding.
Non-automotive qualified products Unless this data
sheet expressly states that this specific NXP
Semiconductors product is automotive qualified, the
product is not suitable for automotive use. It is neither
qualified nor tested in accordance with automotive testing
or application requirements. NXP Semiconductors accepts
no liability for inclusion and/or use of non-automotive
qualified products in automotive equipment or
In the event that customer uses the product for design-in
and use in automotive applications to automotive
specifications and standards, customer (a) shall use the
product without NXP Semiconductors’ warranty of the
product for such automotive applications, use and
specifications, and (b) whenever customer uses the
product for automotive applications beyond NXP
Semiconductors’ specifications such use shall be solely at
customer’s own risk, and (c) customer fully indemnifies
NXP Semiconductors for any liability, damages or failed
product claims resulting from customer design and use of
the product for automotive applications beyond NXP
Semiconductors’ standard warranty and NXP
Semiconductors’ product specifications.
April 1991

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