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SA-1380 Hoja de datos - NEL Frequency Controls

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NEL Frequency Controls NEL
SA-1380 PDF Hoja de datos : SA-1380 pdf   
HA-A1389-FREQ image

The HA-1380 Seriesof quartz crystal oscillators provide enable/disable 3-state CMOS compatible signals for bus connected systems. Supplying pin 1 of the HA-1380units with a logic “1" enables its Pin 5 output. In the disabled mode, Pin 5 presents a high impedance to the load. All units are resistance welded in an all metal package, offering RFI shielding, and are designed to survive standard wave soldering operations without damage. Insulated standoffs to enhance board cleaning are standard.

• Wide frequency range– 0.5MHz to 36MHz
• User specified tolerance available
• Will withstand vapor phase temperatures of 253°C for 4 minutes maximum
• Space-saving alternative to discrete component oscillators
• High shock resistance, to 3000g
• All metal, resistance weld, hermetically sealed package
• Low Jitter
• High Q Crystal actively tuned oscillator circuit
• Power supply decoupling internal
• No internal PLL avoids cascading PLL problems
• Low power consumption
• Gold plated leads - Solder dipped leads available upon request
• RoHS Compliant, Lead Free Construction (unless solder dipped leads are supplied)

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